Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Snowflakes

When I was in high school, the Army moved my family to Panama.  It was a big change for our family, especially as the winter months rolled around.  Suddenly the weather went from hot, humid, and rainy ... to hot and sunny.   We were spending weekends at the beach in months we usually were watching movies under blankets in the living room.

That year, my Aunt sent us a care package for Christmas.  I  think she'd drawn my Mom's name in the family gift exchange.  The best part of her gift, though, was the 6 crocheted snowflakes she sent us.  She sent us snow, when we couldn't have snow.  We hung those 6 snowflakes across the top of our china cabinet, and enjoyed their beauty all winter.

When I got married, the very first ornaments I bought were two sets of 12 crocheted snowflakes from a Current catalog.  That first Christmas, they were almost the only ornaments on our tree.  I loved it.

Since then,  our children's ornaments have displaced my snowflakes.  Instead, I hang them from the ceiling, between our dining room and living room.

Every year when I look at them, I think back to the blessing those first crocheted snowflakes were (to me) when we received them in Panama.  Maybe they didn't mean as much to the rest of the family, but they were very special to me.

What ornaments are special to you?

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April E.


  1. So pretty and delicate! We used to take the children to this winter wonderland sort of store each Christmas and let them pick out one nice ornament a year. My favorite is a porcelain dancing ballerina my daughter picked out. I love the snowflakes!

  2. I'm leaving you a test comment logged out of HSB. I love crocheted snowflakes too and have made many for my own tree.

  3. The ones I find most special are the ones with the kids pictures on them. I have ones from their first Christmas and then one of the three of them with Santa for several years. Love them!

  4. First of all I wanted to say I love your snowflakes! One of my favorite ornaments is the one that says "Our First Christmas" since we got married on the 22nd. What were we thinking???


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