Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Master Innovations' Master Ruler

When our envelope arrived from Master Innovations, I wasn't sure what to expect.   I found two Master Rulers inside.  I opened their packages and started flipping the plastic overlays and immediately  said, "Aha!  Cool!" Anyone who has tried to teach a child how to measure with a ruler would say the same thing when they held the Master Ruler.

What does it do? It has the basic inch markings on the bottom white ruler.  Over that are clear plastic overlays that allow you to add in the half-inch markings, the quarter-inch markings, eighth-inch markings and the sixteenth-inch markings as your student is ready for them.  No more confusion over too many lines on the ruler!  Just flip the extra markings to the back until they're needed.

The spiral-bound hard plastic rulers are sturdy and well-made.  The lines on each layer are a different color so they can still be easily understood when placed together.  The bottom base ruler includes a color code key on the end, and the back of the ruler includes a conversion chart which shows how many inches in a foot, how many feet in a yard, etc.   Master Rulers are available in Standard measurement, Metric measurement, and the Teacher's model which is completely clear so it can be used with an overhead projector.

In addition to the Standard Master Ruler and Metric Master Ruler, we were also sent the Mastering the World of Measuring workbook and the Marvels of Measurement poster.   This 24-page workbook introduces children to measuring in standard and metric increments, adding measurements, geometry, and fractions.   The large colorful poster  (24" x 36")  shows the measurement equivalents, and how to estimate measurements.

When my 6 year old son saw the Master Ruler, he was fascinated.  He didn't want me to show him how it worked, he wanted to do it himself.  He gladly sat down and measured the lines in the workbook, working through the first four pages quickly.  After he'd told me the length of each line, I asked him if he was ready to put it away.  He said, "No!  Don't put it away!  I want to keep it always."

Again, I thought, "Aha!  Cool!" Aren't those the words every homeschool parent wants to hear when they give their child an educational tool?  "I want to keep it always." It's definitely what I want to hear!

Not all of the pages in the workbook are suitable for a 6 year old.  The adding measurements pages and the fractions pages are more suited for the 8 - 11 year old child, or anyone needing help with those subjects.  Though my 9 year old tried to act disinterested in the rulers, I know they will make his math lessons on measuring much simpler.   I fully expect him to ask me where they are one day soon.

You can purchase the Master Ruler and its accessories at MasterRuler.com.

  • Marvels of Measurement Poster - $10.00

  • Master Ruler Standard - $9.95

  • Master Ruler Metric - $9.95

  • Master Ruler Teacher's Model - $9.95

  • Mastering the World of Measuring Workbook - $15.95  (reproducible for classroom or family use only)

  • Master Ruler Starter Set - $41.25

Master Innovations also has other products, including:

  • Master Clocks

  • Master Angles

  • Master Fractions

Each of the Master Innovations products can work in the homeschool setting, or a class setting.   The workbook does not need to be adapted for home use.  Visit the Master Innovations website to learn more about Master Rulers, and their other products.

This item was provided free for our review as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew.  We received no other compensation, and this review is our honest opinion.  Visit the TOS Homeschool Crew blog to read more reviews on this product by other Homeschool Crew members.

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