Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Housekeeping Rule #873

If your printer keeps jamming, open it up to remove the gray and white eraser that was dropped in ... probably by the 2 yo.

If the VCR (for those who still have them) keeps ejecting the VCR tape, get a flashlight and look inside to find the matchbox car, toy plastic plate, or colored pencil that was pushed into it ... probably by the 2 yo.

If the toaster smells like it's burning up, unplug it, then look inside and remove the bread wrapper twistie-tie or butter knife that's been dropped inside ... probably by the 4 yo.

Or, you could lock the 2 yo and 4 yo in a safe environment and never let them out of this room which has no electronic equipment at all.  Though I have no idea how you'd get anything done if you had to spend your time in this electronic-free environment with them.  Sigh.

April E.


  1. It's usually a pencil that keeps jamming my printer put in there by the 3 yo, and don't forget to check for pennies in the VCR.


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