Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Review: Big Book of History (expandable timeline)

Title: Big Book of History: a 15 foot fold-out time-line from Creation to modern computers
Publisher: Master Books, New Leaf Publishing
Format: cardstock expanding book panels
Audience: 7 - 13 year old children
ISBN: 978-0-89051-632-4
Price: $16.99

I am a sucker for history books, and I love timelines.  Big Book of History is a unique expandable timeline, with a colorful format.  I received the panels-only cardstock version that doesn't have a book-like cover.  It can still be viewed as a book, flipping pages, but I prefer laying it out on the living room floor with several panels open at once.  Each individual panel is 8.5 inches x 14 inches, and folds into a "book" that is almost an inch thick.  If fully extended, the timeline is fifteen feet long.

I have another expandable time-line, but this one is much more user-friendly.  Big Book of History isn't as comprehensive as the other one I own, but that is actually a good thing.  It is easier to follow this timeline through history, and find what you're looking for.  The colorful illustrations and photographs help bring history to life, and help you quickly find your location on the timeline itself.  This Big Book of History timeline is much more appealing to my children!  Every single one of them prefers it.

I love that there are small mini-charts of related events on some of the panels, and there are little rabbit trails that show the aftermath of certain events.  We're currently studying the Reformation and Renaissance in history, and the Big Book of History includes a chart of the People and Events of the Reformation, as well as a mini-track that includes important world explorers.  These helpful tidbits of information can inspire further study and exploration. We will be using this timeline extensively in our homeschool.

A three-page preview of the Big Book of History is available as a PDF at MasterBooks website.  Take a moment and check out this colorful, illustrated timeline.

The Big Book of History expandable timeline panels are available for $16.99. Big Book of History has an accompanying Study Guide which can be downloaded FREE or bought in a printed form for $6.99.  If you don't like the panels-only cardstock version of the book, it is also available in a hard-cover version for $19.99.

Big Book of History is a wonderful resource for classroom use, home use, or to satisfy the curiosity of a junior history buff.  I highly recommend it!

April E.

This timeline was provided free by Master Books, in order for me to review it.  I was not required to post a positive review, and these thoughts are my honest opinions.

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