Wednesday, June 20, 2012

10 things I wish for my sons ...

I've got 3 diamond-in-the rough sons.  Sometimes those diamonds look really rough.  The 8 year old and 11 year old are often like little roosters, pushing, shoving, sparring to be the leader.  The 3 year old hasn't started that yet, but he's right there with them, every single day.  Sometimes they are kind, mature, and helpful ... and I couldn't be more proud of them.  Some days they are bundles of bad attitudes and angry voices, perpetually tackling each other, each holding the other in a headlock and refusing to let go -- somewhat reminiscent of Cain and Abel before that rock incident.  On those days, I'm sure one of them is going to end up in juvenile detention. 

But I have hopes for them.  I have goals.  I keep making them do the dishes, be kind to their sisters, and apologize to each other because I hope they'll eventually grow up to be responsible, respectable men who will serve the Lord.

1. I pray that each of my sons will be sensitive to God's leading, always desiring to please Him, willing to stand against the world and its temptations.

2.  I pray they each have a satisfying career, a strong work ethic, and a willingness to humble themselves and dig ditches if necessary to provide for themselves and their family. I hope they have callouses on their hands, and a gentle smile.

3. I hope they have a wife who is their friend, who can laugh with them and lighten their load.

4. I hope they have a wife who works alongside them, as a partner, rather than someone who only wants to be pampered.

5. I hope they find a wife who respects them as the head of the home, isn't afraid to share her thoughts, but holds her tongue after the decision is made.

6. I pray that their wife will be a haven and will make their home a lovely nest (no matter what type of home they have).  It doesn't have to be "house beautiful" but it should feel comforting, restful, and loving.

7. I hope my sons will change diapers, wrestle with their kids, teach their children about God, rub their children's backs, and read bedtime stories.

8. I hope each of my sons will be a husband who values his wife, cherishes her, praises her, serves her, and protects her.

9. I hope they will be men who aren't afraid to show emotion, not afraid to wash the dishes or do household chores, and not afraid to follow God.

10. I hope that they will each be a leader with integrity, in their home, their church, their community, and their job.

I don't know what plans God has for my sons' lives, but I believe He wants them to be leaders who change the world, even if it's only being a light in a small Kansas town.  I believe He wants them to be godly husbands raising children who will also serve Him.  I believe He wants them to be His witnesses in a lost and hurting world.  I pray they do just that.

Praying for my children,
April E.

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