Thursday, October 11, 2012

Oh yes, I did.

I did, seriously, just threaten to take away my son's library card.  He's been reading all morning, not getting started on his math.  So I threatened to take away his library card so he wouldn't check out stuff to distract him from school.

Now, before you get all excited, or defend his reading ... it's a spiderman comic book.  It wasn't anything educational or inspirational or in any way related to his schoolwork. 

And please note that I said, "stuff".  He doesn't just check out books.  Neither of my boys with library cards limit themselves to books. They also check out too many movies ... and way too many wii games.  The wii games are really getting on my nerves.  It would be okay if they checked out one each month, or even just one each week, and managed their wii time better.  No, they check out several at once, and we are constantly having to restrict their wii usage. 

This is not why we have library cards, at least not to my old-fashioned mind.  So yes, I did just say something I never thought I'd have to say, especially not to my boys.  I threatened to take away the library card.  Somehow, I have a feeling I might be one of very few parents to threaten that, especially when not faced with astronomical late fees.

And it should be noted, he's still reading that comic book.  I'm about to go confiscate the comic book, because his math book is feeling very lonely.

April E.

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