Thursday, February 19, 2015

All the little moments ...

It is the middle of winter. It's cold. We're sick. I've had interrupted sleep more nights than I want to think about. The holidays seem distant and so does Spring. The kids are cranky, and the house is cluttered. Homeschool doldrums have hit and every day is a struggle to get my boys to focus on their schoolwork. Many days go by where I feel as if I'm  too busy with the mundane details of living to really make a difference.

But all those little moments ... the ones that seem insignificant ... really do matter. They build upon each other to instill love, security and faith in God within my children's hearts and lives.
  • Sitting and holding the cranky 1 year old yet again
  • Looking at the fourth drawing my 6 and 8 year olds have handed me in half an hour
  • Playing color and shapes bingo with my preschooler
  • Reading that book one more time
  • Listening to my older children talk through their futures, their worries, their daily updates
  • Watching that movie with the teen who just HAS to share it with you
  • Preparing meals. every. single. day.
  • Breaking up sibling squabbles
  • Correcting inappropriate behavior ... again
  • Reminding and reminding and reminding
  • Scheduling appointments and ferrying kids back and forth 
  • Keeping track of clothing needs
  • Finding lost items
  • Counting blocks with a preschooler while I'm cooking supper
  • Tucking children in at bedtime
  • Putting bandaids on invisible owies
  • Listening to my boys talk, even when I have no idea what their video game is even about
  • Admiring the way each child is growing up and changing and telling them
  • Taking the time to smile at the sweet little face looking up into yours when you're trying to finish a project
This is what being a Mom is. This is the love in action that gives my kids peace and security. Loving them well isn't always pleasant ... they sometimes claim I hate them when I have to be firm or impose consequences on them. But every time I remind them of the appropriate behavior, I am reminding them to treat others with love, to be respectful, to do what is right. It may seem like it's not sinking in, but it has to be ... just a little.

Every hug, kiss, and story fills them with comfort, security and love. Every time I listen to their story or look at their project, I validate who they are and their thoughts and creativity. Every time I make them do the responsible thing, I'm working to shape them into a responsible adult someday. Every time I answer a Bible question or redirect their conversation back to a God-honoring place, I'm building the foundation that their faith will rest on.

It's hard to remember that in the middle of the day as I'm rushing from person to person needing me, with no idea what I'm going to cook for supper, and a toddler clinging to me. The kids don't always make me feel loved or appreciated as I direct them through their days. I feel as if I'm getting nowhere when my husband asks me when the last time we vacuumed was or I realize I can't find that shirt because it's buried at the bottom of my laundry hamper still. I get grouchy, they are grouchy, and my perspective gets out of whack.

No one notices what Moms do every day, especially those outside our home. But if we didn't do it ... if we didn't love our family through diligent service every single day ... our families would suffer.

I'm trying to remind myself that all these little things are actually very important things. I'm trying to be aware of the times when my kids do show their appreciation. I'm trying to really notice what they are like NOW, because next year they will be different. I'm trying to get through the rest of this winter without giving into the blahs, and it helps to remember that every little thing I do actually does matter.

What about you? Are you fighting the winter homeschool blahs, too? Are you feeling like you're just a maid, taxi driver, and babysitter?

You're not. You're a mom and you're very important. You're building healthy children, training future adults, and filling their emotional needs. You matter. We both do.

Just keep loving them well.

April E.

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