Thursday, January 19, 2017

Book Review: The Kill Fee by Fiona Veitch Smith

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Who can resist a book that mixes a female reporter sleuth, the roaring twenties, and the Russian Revolution? Not me.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Kill Fee. Not knowing the identity of the man in the bear skin coat, but following his actions, kept me intrigued. As the mystery unfolded, I found myself not too surprised by his identity, but definitely surprised by twists the story took with other characters. I stayed up late three different nights reading this book. By the third night, I was completely drawn into the mystery and finished more than half the book in one night. One very late night.

Although I enjoy Poppy Denby as a character, I'm not as invested in her romance with Daniel as I thought I would be. Throughout The Kill Fee, she is worrying that Daniel might expect her to give up her career to care for his children. That actually kind of bothered me, and almost made me feel like the story would be better without any potential romance for her. The romance felt like an add-on to this story, anyway. The book could have rolled along satisfactorily without it.

The Kill Fee is a good read; an intriguing, cozy mystery for reading under a warm blanket in these long winter months!

April E.

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