Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Review: The Cover Story by Deb Richardson-Moore

The Cover Story is the first Branigan Powers mystery I've read. I missed the first installment in this interesting series. Branigan is a newspaper reporter, who uses her investigative skills to solve mysteries. Not because she's seeking them out, but because they enter her world and affect the community and people she loves.

I have to admit to being a bit confused at first. The story began with Charlie, who turns out to be a girl, then we're introduced to Branigan who is a girl, and her co-worker Jody, who is a guy. Confusing names aside, the plot is gripping from the very first chapter. Branigan has found an ally in an observant homeless man named Malachi. Malachi notices things, and he exploits the fact that people often ignore the presence of the homeless to investigate alongside Branigan.

The Cover Story begins with two college-age women being run off the road. One dies instantly, and the other is injured. The injured young woman, Charlie, is like family to Branigan. When Charlie tells them she was run off the road by a hearse, all clues point to the local college sororities and fraternities where loyalties, and secrets, run deep. Soon another ex-sorority sister is killed. Can Branigan unravel the secrets before anyone else is killed?

This is the second series I've read recently with a newspaper reporter as the amateur sleuth, although this one is set in current times and the other series isn't. I have to admit that I like this reporter/investigor correlation. It's more believable than the housewife or local shopkeeper continually stumbling over crimes and solving them. Branigan was enjoyable and believable as a character, and I really liked Malachi. I found myself worrying for him as he snooped around, afraid he'd be arrested and would end up treated unfairly since he's homeless.

I'm going to have to go back and read the first Branigan Powers mystery. This series will be added to my list of series to follow; I'll be looking forward to future mysteries.

April E.

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