Friday, October 8, 2010

"Be good, and remember who you are!"

When I was a teen, heading off on group outings with my youth group, my mother used to tell us to "Be good, and remember who you are!"  I don't remember when she first said this.  I just remember that it became tradition for her to tell us this as we left on each outing.   Sometimes she'd tell it to us quietly as she hugged us goodbye.  Sometimes she'd shout it out as we climbed into the bus or van.  It became something everyone in the youth group expected.

It was always a good reminder to me that my Mom had expectations of me:  to continue to follow the family's rules even away from home, and to remember that I am a Christian.   As a Christian, there were even HIGHER expectations to be a Christ Follower, and an example to those around me.

This summer, we sent our oldest two girls to teen camp with our church youth group for the very first time.  It was actually the first time they'd headed off with the youth group to any event outside our town.  As I was saying goodbye to them, my mother's words came back to me.   I couldn't resist calling out to the girls as I said goodbye, "Be good, and remember who you are!"

The Pastor's wife was standing near me,  so I explained to her the tradition my mother had started, and I'd just chosen to pass on in my own family.

I hope my children always remember who they are ... not only as members of our family, but as members of God's family!  Yes, we have expectations of them ... but they are also loved and cherished treasures.  I pray they will hold that truth close, and live as cherished treasures.

April E.

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    * Thanks for writing this, April.


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