Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More scattered thoughts from my cluttered mind ...

So, I bought rice cereal for my chubby hungry 6 month old.  I need to start her on it, because she tries to grab everything she sees me eating or drinking.   I know that in the past I've had days I forgot to do the rice cereal, and I don't think that's best.  LOL!!  But I can't decide which meal it would be easiest to attach her feeding to:  breakfast when we're busy getting everyone fed and school started, lunch in the middle of our school day, or supper when Steve is home and we're trying to wrap up our day?   Do you have a preferred meal for starting babies on food?


I also confess that in the past we haven't used the cereal very much.  Our babies don't usually care for it, so we move past it to other foods fairly early.  Some of our babies haven't even eaten "baby food" but went right to soft vegetables right off my own plate.  But that was usually a little older than Baby V is now.  She's not going hungry, by any means.  She's growing well, weighing 18.5 lbs at last week's checkup and 25.5 inches.  She's over 95% for weight and currently about 25% for height.  She's probably gaining weight for a growth spurt.  If not, she'll just work her "chub" off once she's crawling.


On another random note ... I've decided that my family (and maybe other large families) need to review toilet paper.  Seriously.  We go through a lot of it, and well ... what we have at the moment is not that great.  Gross!  It just shreds.  I wonder if any toilet paper companies would send me a case for review purposes.  You think?


April E.



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