Thursday, October 18, 2012

Your child might be a sizzler if ...

Your child just might be a sizzler if you find yourself repeatedly asking, "Do you need to use the bathroom?"

And they consistently reply, "No, I'm just dancing to the song I'm thinking about."  Or "No, I'm just wiggling because I like to wiggle."


Your child might be a sizzler if you have to stop, look and listen before entering the hallway, just to make sure you aren't about to be barreled into.


Your child might be a sizzler if you spend more time pointing them BACK to their schoolwork or chores than you spend answering questions about their schoolwork.


You might be in over your head if these apply to several of your children, and not just one.  "Lord, help us! Give us grace!  Amen."


If you're wondering what a sizzler is, check out Carol Barnier's awesome website for parents of active, distractible children at, especially if you can relate to one or more of those points above.

Doing the sizzle-bop,
April E.

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