Friday, March 13, 2015

Our Almost-Spring Update

Spring is arriving here in Kansas. We've had warm weather all week and the flowers are starting to push up through the dry, brown grass. I am so looking forward to watching the brown transform to green. Brown has never been one of my favorite colors, unless it's chocolate and coffee. Green, on the other hand, always brightens my mood.

We're counting down the weeks until the end of our school year, though we'll hopefully still have curriculum to work on this summer because of the Schoolhouse Review Crew. Next week we're taking a Spring Break. Our oldest daughter A will be home from college and our 2nd oldest R will have a break from her dual-entry college classes, as well. We don't have any special plans for the week, but we'll all enjoy relaxing.

We do need to take the time this next week to order graduation announcements and senior pictures for our 18 year old. We also want to get a working plan in place for the graduation reception so we can start buying or making things that we'll need. She wants a more relaxed and shorter ceremony than her sister had, with more emphasis on the reception than the celebration. I expect each of our children's graduations will look different.

Walk Kansas starts on Sunday, and our family has signed up for that again. Steve, our oldest three daughters, one of our sons, and myself are all committing to walk/exercise at least 150 minutes per week. We've been doing this for 4 years now and really have enjoyed the extra push to be healthy and grow stronger. It provides accountability as we encourage each other to stay on track and meet our goals, for the sake of the team. So I'm sure that next week there will be a lot of working out going on, in my living room and outside if the weather stays warm. Maybe this year I can stick with it longer, after the program ends.

I do have an appointment for my youngest daughter V next week. It's her second check-up since getting her glasses, her first after her stronger lenses were ordered. We'll be checking to see if the patching is helping her brain and her right eye work together better. From what I have read, her prescription shouldn't change, but we are trying to improve the vision in that eye. Right now, even with correct prescription lenses, she doesn't see 20/20 with her glasses on in that eye. She doesn't even see 20/30 or 20/40. I'll have to talk to the doctor about where she started and hopefully we'll find she's improving. When she reaches a point of seeing well out of her right eye, with glasses on, she can quit patching.

Right now, my house is a mess. My 4 year old has been very busy with the toys lately, including bringing up extra toys from the basement. Our 2 year old has been making train tracks all over the living room, as well. We really need to get it cleaned up before A gets home tomorrow, preferably before Steve gets home tonight. He's arrived home to a mess all week long. I also need to get busy folding laundry. In other words, I shouldn't be sitting here blogging.

So here I go ... off to conquer the world ... or at least my small corner of it.

April E.

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