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Review: Your Family in Pictures by Me Ra Koh

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Me Ra Koh has written a wonderful book that teaches you how to really use your camera to capture your family. Your Family In Pictures explains the different settings on your camera, how to find great lighting in your home, how to frame a photo, and how to capture your children in their natural environment and with relaxed personalities.

I found all of the photos and chapters in this book really inspiring! The examples of her photos, and her students' photos, do an excellent job of illustrating the points she's trying to make. I love all the chapters that give ideas for holiday pictures, family pictures, vacation pictures, etc.

I should have posted this review about two months ago. I finished reading the book that long ago, but I wanted to add some pictures of my own to the review. I enjoyed the book and felt like I could figure out the different settings on my camera with these explanations. I was challenged to take more photos on a regular basis of the kids in our everyday moments. That's where I ran into my first problem.

The examples in the book showed clutter-free photo-friendly spaces. Our homes is cluttered, with old paint colors, and poor lighting. We have toys in our living room, bookshelves everywhere, and whenever I did take photos, the kids either stopped acting natural, or it was too cluttered or dark. Obviously, I need to practice more.

Then I thought we'd need to do some outdoor photo shoots instead. Except it seemed when I had a free moment to take a picture, my daughters had messy hair or clothes I wouldn't really want in a picture. I discovered that in a large family, with a small home, I was going to have to be more purposeful and thoughtful about photography if I wanted good photos.

So, after several months, I finally decided I should post this review, without the photos I had been waiting on. It is a really good book, but it will take work, practice, and focus to improve your photography skills. It's manageable, and Your Family In Pictures can help you do it ... but it will take more than just reading the book. It will take time and effort to practice the techniques and improve your photography skills!

If you're already aware of how to use a DSLR camera, or how to get the best out of your Point-And-Shoot camera, this book also has some interesting and inspiring ideas for photographing your family. The book's many examples help get your creative juices flowing!


Disclaimer: Blogging For Books gave me a free copy of Your Family In Pictures, in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received.

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